Full Day Mystras and Monemvasia from Athens.Private Tour.

Duration: (10 - 11h)
All our trips are private.Departure from Athens or Piraeus.




Imagine a castle-state, straight out of a fairy tale, built on a small island, standing proud in the middle of the sea of the south-east coast of the Peloponnese. The medieval walls that surround it, the defensive fortress, the small Byzantine churches, the serpentine cobblestones, which lead to the various parts of the city, the old alleys with stone steps and arches, preserve the tradition and the atmosphere that derives from a one of the most elegant castle towns in Greece. Upon entering the city, the visitor will discover secrets, historical memories, but also old legends and memories of lovers, who exchanged their secrets here or myths about princesses, who fell from the walls, and whom they “hide” from the narrows. The “Rock of Monemvasia” was detached from the land in 375 AD, due to a strong earthquake that gave it its current, special shape. The only entrance to the fairytale state is now allowed by a bridge, which connects it to the coastal city. Due to the unique entrance to the city, it was given the name Monemvasia.


Strolling through the flowery streets of the “Rock of Monemvasia”, you will not see anything again, since every part of it is different, due to the marks left by different cultures, in the flow of time. One deserves to get lost in the narrow passages, to look at the houses, which are still inhabited, the inns with battlements and the peculiar architecture and to let one’s imagination “gallop” and travel to the time when pirates and knights lived , thus reviving the atmosphere that surrounds the castle town.


Our tour will start  by picking you up from your hotel early in the morning.  Passing by the famous Corinth Canal  (short stop for photos), and after driving through the Peloponnese, we will reach the famous medieval town of Monemvasia.


Historically, Monemvasia’s key position on the sea route to the eastern Mediterranean has always been the target of pirate raids, as well as raids by Western rulers.


From the 1970s Monemvasia began to flourish again, this time as a tourist destination. The people of Monemvasia sold their houses to people visiting Monemvasia and restored them.


One of the most fabulous and special travel destinations in Greece, Monemvasia, offers many attractions to the traveler, like the house of the important Greek poet Yannis Ritsos, the 13th century Church of the Coming Christ, located in the central square, the archaeological collection of Monemvasia castle, which is housed in an old mosque. There you will see part of the mobile archaeological finds from excavations and research, which in their entirety are architectural sculptures and ceramic objects.


Originally separated from the mainland by an earthquake, the Gibraltar like rock of Monemvasia was an ideal inaccessible natural fortress for settlement in the 6th century by the local inhabitants seeking protection from Slavic invaders in the 6th century. Sitting on a plateau 100 meters above sea level you will find a remarkable walled city, constructed and added to by the Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans until its liberation in the Greek War of Independence in the early 19th century. Originally only reachable by ship, we can now traverse the long narrow causeway onto the rock & up to the imposing walled entrance where we must continue on foot into the old and well preserved city.


Free time for photos and departure for the Byzantine Town of Mystras.

Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. This was where the Ancient Spartans would bring newborn sick children and throw them over, in order to avoid the continuation of defective genes, to protect their proud and perfect race.

During our visit, you will learn everything about the foundation of the castle town of Mystras, by William Villehardouin II, during the 12th century AD. You will learn about his defeat by the Byzantine emperors and stories about the families of Katakouzenos and Paleologos, who brought Mystras to the peak of its glory in the 13th and 14th centuries AD. You will be informed about the long history of wars that followed, and the changing conquerors.

We’ll leave you at the upper gate, along with a brochure for each attraction separately. The route that you will follow leads gently downhill where we will wait for you at the exit gate.

You will have the opportunity to walk around the Acropolis of William, which dominates the top of the castle town and narrow streets where once walked princesses and Byzantine emperors. You can also visit museums within the cluttered walls, full of elements of daily life and monasteries where nuns still live.


Finally, if you’re hungry, remember that you are in Greece. Mediterranean traditional dishes at local restaurants are waiting for us. If not, we can start the return to Athens. Join us and feel like the princess or the knight of your childhood fairy tales.


  Highlights  of our Private Tour to  Mystras and Monemvasia

  • Stop at Corinthos canal.
  • Visit to the arceological site of Mystras
  • Visit to the Monemvasia
  • Journey back in time throughout Greek history
  • Personal service


  • Guided tour of the Archaeological site of Mystras, upon request
  • Services of a Professional – licensed local guide
  • Professional English-speaking driver
  • Transport by a luxury A/C mini van
  • Pick-up and drop-off service from/to all Athens hotels, Athens International Airport and Piraeus Port
  • Free Wi-Fi on the mini van
  • All taxes and tolls
  • Bottled water throughout the tour.



   Not included

  • Meals
  • Tips
  • Refreshents,coffee,etc
  • .Entrance fees to the Archeological sites.


  • Booking policy:
  • For the confirmation of your reservation you can prepay an amount of the total value or ,
    you can pay the full amount.



Due to Covid-19, cancel up to 24 hours prior to the date of the tour for a full refund.